Asura World is community focused, a place where there's something to do for all gamers, anytime and anywhere.

Betting Rules like you've never seen before.


There's always something to do on Asura World.

Global Regulations

In contrast to traditional platforms, the Asura World platform acts solely as the platform provider on which users can host, compete, and interact with each other in a number of ways. Asura World has a set of rules integrated into the blockchain and operated by a selection of nodes. These rules act as the protocol to keep the platform running safely and securely at all times.


Fortunately, the use of NEO blockchain technology removes the middle man, and allows Asura World to run as a trustless platform. Withdrawals will be simple and efficient, assets cannot be held from their rightful owners, and users will be able to enjoy the qualities of a completely fair and tamper-proof platform.
Providing assurance to all players.

Data Security

By leveraging the use of NEO blockchain technology, the security of the Asura World platform is improved considerably over traditional centralized systems. Blockchain is able to remove human error, make data records tamper-proof, and create a trustless system for worry-free transactions.
Secure data transfer and storage.

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Learn from some of the best players in the World.

Asura World aims to provide in-depth game analyses to walk players through the intricate details of professional gameplay. This will include teaching professional decision-making processes, winning strategies, item-builds, skill-builds, situational advice, and so on.

Asura World encourages all content creators to create high quality guides by rewarding them with ASA coins. Asura World does not take any margins from content creators, this is also to encourage content creators to stay with Asura World and continue creating high quality guides.

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Asura World Roadmap

2018 Asura World Development Roadmap
2019 development forecasts and expansions

1st Quarter 2018

- MVP ver 1.0 Alpha / Live Streaming & Unique Betting section
- MVP ver 2.0 Alpha / Professional Guides section
- NEO NEP-5 Smart Contract

2nd Quarter 2018

- Asura World Basic User Database Implementation
- Asura World Alpha UI / Betting, Streaming, Professional Guides, Community Matchmaking, Tournaments, Community Centre, User Profiles, Voting Interface, Forums, & Arcade
- Asura World Professional Guides to start with professional players RAIN & WRATH

3rd Quarter 2018

- Smart Asset Management Implementation
- Asura World Betting Alpha
- Asura World Forum, Community Centre, Voting system Alpha
- Asura World Arcade Alpha with Gamify
- Asura World Guides Post Production and ready for implementation

4th Quarter 2018

- Asura World Professional Guides Alpha
- Asura World Tournament Pre-Alpha Testing
- Asura World Matchmaking Pre-Alpha Testing / Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, KOG API testing
- Asura World Smart NEO Wallet
- Asura World Betting & Live Stream BETA Launch

1st Quarter 2019

- Asura World platform Beta Annoucement
- Asura World First Monthly Tournament
- Asura World first custom bet voting launch

2nd - 4th Quarter 2019

- Asura World Full Launch
- Asura World First Global Dota 2 Tournament for Pro Teams
- Asura World First Global League of Legends Tournament for Pro Teams
- Asura World First Global CS:GO Tournament for Pro Teams
- Asura World First Global King of Glory Tournament for Pro Teams

Competitive eSports Audience
Major Tournaments
eSport Wagering

The Asura Team

Asura's team consists of highly experienced personnel in software engineering,
blockchain technology, marketing and business operations.

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